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Occupational Therapy from Adapt Health Care

As people become older, the possibilities of developing health problems like having dementia, arthritis, osteoporosis and falls are high. For people who experience medical conditions that limits their ability to function independently, undergoing occupational therapy is a great help. Occupational therapy enables people to live life to the fullest. The therapy involves evaluation and treatment to develop, heal or sustain the daily living and work skills of people who have any physical, mental or cognitive disorder.

Known to be an efficient, responsive and cost-effective provider of healthcare, Adapt Health Care offers professional and flexible Occupational therapy services programmed to suit the client's lifestyle. Adapt Health Care's therapists provide one on one therapy sessions which aim to maximise the functional capacity, establish the occupational performance and help regain the client's quality life.

The facility's occupational therapists are clinically trained problem-solvers. The therapists are qualified to assist patients with illness, injury or age-related problems to carry out their everyday activities. Occupational therapy helps the people to get comfortable in their environment either at home, at work or even in the community. Adapt Health Care enables their client to stay independent for as long as possible.

Occupational therapists aim to find the most suitable activities for any individual, their lifestyle and their environment. In order to come up with suitable activities, therapists conduct direct interventions or rehabilitation sessions with the client, initiate close communication with the family or the carers.

Adapt Health Care Occupational Therapy assists in the following areas:

  • Transition of care of the client from hospitalisation to home care.
  • Injury, surgery and disability rehabilitation.
  • Support and evaluation of everyday activities.
  • Develop self-sufficiency and protection in home strategies.
  • Enabling access to the community.

Occupational therapists also make suggestions about mobility aids and equipment and provide education on how to adopt new approaches to assist with everyday activities. They also give guidance and services regarding home modifications that support clients to remain at home safely and independently for a longer period of time.

Contact or visit the website for more information on Adapt Health Care's Occupational Therapy.

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