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Residential Lifestyle against Memory Loss at Alwyndor

"An elephant never forgets." How we wish this holds true for humans, but in reality ageing has different effects amongst our species particularly annoying moments of memory lapses and in a broader sense, memory loss. Small bouts of forgetfulness is a common occurrence in older adults. Recalling names, where we left our keys, remembering an activity that we're supposed to be doing is natural. Yes, it takes a bit of time but the information will eventually come to mind.

We often mistake small memory lapses like this into true memory loss not unless you've lost common sense, unable to recall your thoughts and people, your ability to see reason and make decisions on your own. If you or your family member experience these symptoms please check in with your physician.

Alwyndor Residential Home

One of the ways that we can sharpen our wits and lessen instances of memory loss is to maintain an active social lifestyle. A residential facility in Adelaide SA called Alwyndor have several Residential Lifestyle programs to help maintain not only an active lifestyle but to keep seniors' brains at work with activities like Cards & Board Games, Craft Groups and Quiz Games. A known stimulator of all corners of the brain, music and concerts are held within the facility not only to entertain but also to help seniors in rekindling their golden years.

At Alwyndor, residents are given access to computers and internet to help them stay in touch with the multitudes of information and connect with their loved ones. They also enjoy an onsite library for those who prefer reading from ink and paper rather than the screen. If you're looking for a place where you or your parents can maintain the quality of life, please contact Alywindor Residential Care by visiting their website at http://www.alwyndor.com.au/.

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