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Memory Support from Noosa Care

NoosaCare offers professional care services that uphold the client's dignity, privacy and comfort. The specially chosen staff have received extensive education and training in taking care of a person living with dementia. The carers will instill encouragement, kindness and compassion with the residents as they go through their everyday life - preparing and sharing meals together, helping them to bathe or shower, bake, laugh, cry, but most importantly, to LIVE each day together.

NoosaCare features a newly built 32-bed dementia specific care unit which offers single room accommodation and a cosy environment supportive for a person living with dementia. The amenities and rooms in the dementia specific care unit are designed according to the NoosaCare lifestyle. Each room has its own view of beautifully landscaped outdoors. The residents are provided with a safe environment even as they course through the gardens. A fully functional kitchen is also provided for the staff and the residents to cook meals together. A wellness room will provide the residents with a private place to enjoy massage and aromatherapy. An overnight relative's room was also built where loved ones can come and stay during the first few days of a resident's admission.

NoosaCare is proud to present themed garden rooms that allow the residents to wander freely throughout the magnificent gardens:

  • The Rural Sector - smell and touch the grass. Residents are encouraged to care and interact with the livestock, touch the tools, relax their mind, feel the sun on the skin and breathe in the smell of flowers.
  • The Rainforest - where residents experience cooler atmosphere under the forest canopy, observe how the light dissolve delicately by the trees, appreciate the vegetation that grows around, relax on a lumber seat, watch the birds bathe and smell the plants.
  • The River - allows the residents to view a blue river and hear the water running over the pebbles. The residents can also step over the timber bridge, look over the side, follow the bank, touch the soft tussock grasses and see the boat wash upon the shore.
  • The Beach - allows the resident to smell the salt in the air while looking at the palm trees and shells on the shore, sit under the shade of the umbrella and feel the sand beneath their feet.

Improve the senses, live a quality life in NoosaCare's Dementia Specific Care Unit. Kindly visit the NoosaCare website to find out more details for the services offered.

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