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Scian Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor from Aged Care Friendly

Blood pressure is the driving force of the blood to circulate around the body and deliver fresh blood containing oxygen and nutrients to different organs. As a person gets older, the blood pressure also increases. Older adults are prone to high blood pressure. This can lead to major health problems such as stroke, heart disease, blindness and kidney failure. One way to help in reducing the possibility of having these major health problems is by regular monitoring.

Aged Care Friendly offers the Scian Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor a convenient and portable blood pressure monitor that wraps around the wrist. The wrist blood pressure monitor displays systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse rate with the use of the oscillometric principle. Oscillometric measurement uses electronic pressure sensor with a numerical and accurate readout of the blood pressure.

Scian Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is an easy fitting wrist cuff with a large, easy-to-read LCD display that makes the blood measurement more visible. The device has a single button to operate and automatically inflate to correct the reading of the blood pressure. The wrist blood pressure also includes a 2 x AAA batteries and has 90 memory storage capacity. It has a low battery indicator and automatic power down.

Aged Care Friendly's Scian Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is available at only $109.00 with free shipping on all orders around Australia. The shipping period takes only 1-3 days delivery in Sydney, Canberra Brisbane, and Melbourne Metro. The delivery in all other Eastern seaboard areas, SA & TAS takes 3 days and 3-7 days delivery to WA & NT.

Kindly visit the Aged Care Friendly site to view more detailed product description, also the return and warranty policy.

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